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Some questions we are asked frequently

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How long do I have to give you notice to place an order?

Please provide at least 48 hours notice for small parties.



Can I change any of the ingredients from the Paellas that are on the Menu?

Yes, we can change the ingredients and accommodate your needs as you like it.


How long is the paella keep warm after the delivery?

Our paellas are delivered in a temperature protected box and keep warm for at about 1 hour. If requested we can bring a heat lamp and keep your paella warm until you decide to serve it.


Are your paellas gluten free?

Absolutely, we make our paellas from scratch and all are gluten free.


How long does it take to finish to cook the paella at my home by your Chef?

Cooking time depends on the number of people, but usually it takes at least 2-3 hours.


Do I need dinnerware or can you bring dinnerware for my party?

We have many options available. We can provide disposable dinnerware. We can also provide china or melamine Spanish ceramic style dinnerware, individual paella pans, and all the dishes for your tapas. We would be glad to work with you with on all of the details.

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