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Our desserts are the perfect end to any event. Ask for our assorted desserts offer!


We offer traditional Spanish desserts along with modern takes on old time classics. Our desserts are meant to be shared and we have a minimum order of 6 per item.


All of the desserts can also be prepared as individual servings. Please ask us for an estimate for your event.


Minimum Delivery Order $100

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(512) 739 - 1443

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Flan de Nata (without egg)


Light and delicious Spanish custard with Caramel. Perfect for people with an egg allergy. Baked with whipped cream and milk instead of eggs as in traditional flan.

Arroz con leche

(Creamy white rice)


As an expert of rice dishes, we couldn’t miss our “Arroz con leche”. A creamy white rice with a hint of cinnamon and a touch of lemon. Cooked very slowly with patience and love to draw out flavor. If you try it, you will order it again…



This special dessert of our Chef are artisanal puff pastries filled in with a vanilla cream. Really mouthwatering and delicious for the end of your meal! Another delicate finger food for our customers. Enjoy!!!

Caramel Natillas


Similar to cold custard, but creamier and with a hint of cinnamon. At the bottom some caramel, and at the top Maria cookies!


A nice traditional Spanish dessert.

Tarta de Santiago


Traditional almond cake, dense and rich in flavor – Gluten Free!!!

Tarta de Tres Chocolates

(Three chocolates cake)


For Chocolate Lovers!!! Three Chocolate Cake baked without flour…. irresistible!!!!


It will certainly be well enjoyed.

Fresh Fruit Salad


Raspberries, strawberries and sweet melon balls with peach yogurt sauce and optional hint of “raspberries coulis”, served inside a hollowed-out melon. A healthy dessert option, perfect for people who don’t have a sweettooth!!!!

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